TIMEGATE, Stainless steel sculpture by Zhoubrothers


TIMEGATE started with the inspired story of Zhoubrothers, two Chinese American Artists who grew up in rural communist China to become two of the most important and accomplished contemporary artists in the world today. Renowned for their unique collaborative work process which has spanned over 40 years, they work together on their paintings, performances and sculptures.

TIMEGATE today working with diverse group of creative professionals from many cultures who are dedicated to teamwork, collaboration, and superior client service. We are proud to serve this varied and high- caliber group of creative leaders, many of who are pioneer in their respective industries and professions.


Leadership in Art

We had built a reputation for successfully representing clients on complex and multidisciplinary matters spanning a range of art, design, marketing, and transforming physical space. We give value to our client’s business with creative solution otherwise unnoticed. We harness our knowledge to provide thoughtful advice in using art to solve business challenges that our client face by.

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We are collaborating with the group of creative professionals to follow Zhoubrothers journey and pursuit of their dream to transform TIMETGATE sculpture into a 260 metre tall building (roughly the same height of the Eiffel Tower). As we follow them on this journey they meet and form a partnership with two renowned architects who are responsible for designing and building the two of tallest buildings in the world (the Burj Khalifa in Dubai and Jeddah Tower in Saudi Arabia).

Combining art, science and technology for the first time in mankind’s history they transform the Zhou Brothers Timegate sculpture into a structure comprised of three main towers (46 stories each) totaling over 194,000 sq metres. This billion dollar plus living piece of art when realized will become the eighth wonder of the world. 


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The journey of two world renowned
international artists to create the eighth wonder of the world

TIMEGATE, Rendering of concept drawing by Zhoubrothers

TIMEGATE, drawings by Zhoubrothers 1994


TIMEGATE, drawing by Zhoubrothers